New Spirit Prayer List
Remember the sick and shut-ins, in our prayers,
a call, a visit, a card!
Mrs. Vurla Terry

Ms. Carrie Miller

Eunice Turner

Helen Bristol

Rev.Hubert Brown

George Bush

The Weaver Family

The Shealey Family

The Swanson Family

The Zachary Family

Rev. Eugene Harris

The Monreo Family

The Family Muckle

Waymon Dabney

Barack Obama

Ms.Tamera Dennis

The Patrick Family
Mr. Arthur Terry

Vera Culberson

The Wynn Family

Charles Perryman

Mykle Johnson

Willie Brown

Shelia Thompson

The Haynes Family

The Leslie Family

The Norwood Family

The Gordon Family

Nahshon Omari Thomas Brown

Thelma Tolbert

Ruby Culpepper

The Delaney Family

Mr.Linton Grime

Mr. Joseph Ward

The Htchin Family
New Spirit United Methodist Church

I question not God's means or
Or how he uses time or days,
To answer every call or prayer
I know He will, somehow,
somewhere. - Whitney